Administrative measures for inland navigation

Chapter   General  

article   to strengthen the management of AIDS to navigation, maintain the normalcy of AIDS to navigation and improve the management of AIDS to navigation, in accordance with the People's Republic of China navigation Ordinance (hereinafter referred to as the navigation Ordinance), the People's Republic of China waterway Management Ordinance (hereinafter referred to as the Channel Management Ordinance) and the other relevant regulations of the State, this law is enacted.  

article   This approach applies to rivers, lakes, reservoirs, canals, inland navigation of navigable waters management.  

article   to navigation management under unified leadership and management principles. Traffic Administrative Department under the State Council to establish channel management institutions and competent administrative departments of local people's Governments at or above the county level (hereinafter referred to as navigation authority) is responsible for the management of AIDS to navigation.  

fourth   across provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the channel, in addition to directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of foreign, of its navigation and management, by administrative region Division, can be determined in consultation with management. Management of boundary river navigation shall be by the large amount of shipping through the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Transportation Department to set up the Navigation Administration Office for.  

Chapter     management responsibilities;

fifth   to navigation authorities on AIDS to navigation management basic functions are:  

(a) advocacy, implementation, carry out directives and regulations;  

(b) the development of navigation rules and regulations, supervision, inspection, implementation;  

(c) responsible for the preparation and finalization of AIDS to navigation maintenance plan, put forward measures;  

(d) to channel characteristics, regime change and distribution of navigational danger to maintain normalcy of AIDS to navigation, and publishing channel announcements;  

(e) periodically check the navigation, guidance and help grass-roots team work;  

(vi) preparation of a boats and equipment repair and maintenance of AIDS to navigation plan and implement;  

(VII) collect information navigation technology. Analysis on management of AIDS to navigation, summarize the experience and maintenance of AIDS to navigation;  

(h) to participate in the review of this area with respect to channel River, across the River, the river building navigation aid facilities and other water projects, construction projects and audited the placement of AIDS to navigation;  

(IX) participation in beacon new materials, new structures, new technology development, appraisal and promotion;  

(10) in accordance with the regulations for violations of the navigation regulations, the waterway Management Ordinance and its implementation of  

rules and these rules in the AIDS to navigation protection clauses and other provisions relating to punishment.  

sixth   fifth article navigation management institutions at all levels should be provided for basic functions, combined with the actual situation of the sector, this sector is responsible.  

article seventh   grass-roots teams and groups the basic functions are:  

(a) the implementation of technical regulations for navigation and safety systems, area navigation aid maintenance project has been completed;  

(b) responsible for navigation sets, traffic signal maintenance and revealing;  

(c) the master channel changes, timely adjusted, changed Groove;  

(d) the forecast channel dimension as required, and reporting channel information, timely recommendations measures need to be taken in the area waterways;  

(v) is responsible for the management and daily maintenance of navigation mark equipment and boats:  

(f) the maintenance of AIDS to navigation and signal work record, fill out a report;  

(VII) damage to navigation facilities to stop, and report to supervisor;  

(h) the beacon for drifting, lost, damaged, must be restored in a timely manner. Cannot be restored in a timely manner, you should publish channel power, informed ships and units.  

eighth   beacon management institutions should be based on need with AIDS to navigation boats and maintain AIDS to navigation equipment.  

Nineth   grass-roots teams and groups of jurisdiction, staffing, equipment of vessels and equipment, by ministerial regulations of the technical specifications of the inland waterway maintenance.  

Chapter   distribution   of AIDS to navigation;

article tenth   distribution according to national standards of the inland navigation Journal of the inland navigation regulations. Navigational aids planning category should be based on channel conditions and shipping needs, determined through technical and economic evaluation.  

11th   navigational aids planning should make full use of natural water, in line with the provisions of channel dimension, do mark the position of the right, light quality, reliable, bright colors and Visual range is sufficient.  

12th   stem, tributaries join River and sea river navigational aids planning should focus on coherence, cohesion, clear direction and the limits of the channel.  

13th   should pay attention to the placement of AIDS to navigation aids to navigation between the effective combination, give full play to the role of shore beacon to ensure lateral boundaries between adjacent buoys marking the channel which are provided for in the maintenance of water depth.  

14th   navigational aids planning map of approvals carried out according to the following:  

(a) navigation channel of distribution shall be prepared by one or two class navigational aids planning, according to three key channel of distribution or distribution of AIDS to navigation, provisions according to their practical needs.  

(b) navigational aids planning and navigation management agencies, should be prepared to seek driving personnel and supervision departments in Hong Kong, methodology and content in accordance with the regulations of the inland waterway maintenance technical specifications. Establishment must be submitted to the next higher navigation authority approval or for the record. Is the infrastructure of waterways, their distribution according to capital construction program presentation and approval of AIDS to navigation.  

(c) distribution of AIDS to navigation shall be revised according to the channel change regularly.  

(d) the frozen river navigational aids planning year, superior beacon authorities for approval.  

15th   changes the placement of AIDS to navigation, and refocusing fixed navigation beacon should be submitted to the next higher authority approval before implementation, and to inform the relevant government units.  

16th   navigation setting should be based on approved the placement of AIDS to navigation, the beacon is correctly positioned, good structure, installed a solid, stable and reliable.  

17th   fairway to a navigational danger is unknown or changes frequently during dry season of shoal waterway and Stony River bed, in front of the standard setting organizations should, as appropriate, or focusing on tidying hospital beds.  

the fourth chapter     maintenance of AIDS to navigation management;

18th   shallow, dangerous waterway or major river, kept on duty Groove system should be established as needed, to strengthen the maintenance of AIDS to navigation, specific method for navigation management institutions at all levels on its own.

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