South Mountain Railway freight transportation procedures

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1th section   according to national guidelines, policies, laws, and in the People's Republic of China Law on economic contracts, the People's Republic of China railway law and the basic principles of the rules for the implementation of the contract of carriage of goods by rail on the basis of development of the railway freight transport rules.  

2nd   the carrier and the shipper, the consignee of the goods in transit, shall comply with the provisions of this regulation, to closely collaborate well, take care of transportation of goods and railway transport equipment, strict compliance with the contract of carriage, security, fast and affordable, and delivery of goods.  

3rd   This procedure is modified, interpretation is vested in the Ministry of railways, which establish, modify, or set aside, should be announced in advance. Railway company under conditions not inconsistent with this regulation, to make supplementary provisions on Canal, reported to the Ministry of railways for the record. Station operating handle range announced in the railway freight transport in the odometer.  

national business of railway cargo transportation, except as provided in international transport, surface transport, military transport, but this point is applicable.  

this procedure is an extension of the rules, there are:  

1. Railway freight transport rules;  

2. Railway transport of dangerous goods rules;  

3. Rules of railway fresh freight transport;  

4. Excess goods by rail transport rules;  

5. Railway freight loading reinforcement rules;  

6. Carriage of goods by railway monthly scheduling approach;  

7. Freight organization daily work;  

8. Express freight transport way;  

9. Approach of railway container transport;  

10. Railway freight value-insured transportation ways;  

11. Miscellaneous charges for railway freight transport management methods;  

12. Truck extension using nuclear have received approaches;  

13. Alternatives according to the spirit of this practice.

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